Thursday, 1 June 2017

Very Early Awakening!

Not me but Vin! Poor lad, he had the cat waking him up at five o'clock this morning!! He reckons her internal alarm clock isn't working properly. he did fortunately go back to sleep again because it was a wee bit early. No doubt he will be tired tonight.
He has had a bit of a cleaning frenzy today, putting me to shame.! He started with the bathroom which he did from top to bottom and it now smells of clean spray and bleach. Then he moved on to the porch and did the overhead light shade which actually was incredibly dusty, it isn't something you look at really but it is now sparkling. He did the brasses yesterday too and they look lovely then a welcome (for him) break for coffee and a breather. After lunch  I went upstairs to do my blog and he set to on the black and white wall which is on our landing, and decided to clean all the pictures. They are now gleaming. Well done Vin! Good for making me feel guilty too :)
Little Jessie has been spending the day in her basket sleeping. Well she did get up early didn't she. 
 My two lovely babies!

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