Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Back for Coffee...

Lovely sunny Spring day here today, had a nice surprise from John and Ann today, with a letter, and a photo album in it. John had included a notebook with it, and he had written on every page what each photo was. The one on the first page was the most fantastic one of him taken by his son in law, and lots of family ones too.  Will peruse them tonight.
We took my money off to Sainsbury's in Crosby this morning, all we needed were the veggies for the week, so didn't intend to stop for long. You only get  1/2 free parking otherwise you have to pay so it's a quick rush round and grab jobby. Got a nice selection of veggies and home in good time for our morning coffees. Vin had a Kenco with milk and I had a Carte noir cafe crema. Very nice.
Did a bit of computering after coffee and Ruth had posted online that someone had bought her a Muzz Buzz. I replied  "What is a Muzz Buzz" quick as a flash got a reply it's an expensive coffee sold at intersections on the roads from stands  Vin looked them up later and found they are a franchise in Perth and are spreading. Sounds good.
Little Rusty has been a bit naughty the last couple of days. She has taken to going under the back door and then round to the front and sitting on the doorstep!
Naughty girl...stay at home in yur basket! The front doorbell went after lunch and it was our next door neighbour and Rusty had been in her front room!!! getting cheeky now as well!!
Tonight we are having:
Quorn cottage pie with gravy
Mushrooms and green veg with carrots

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