Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Looked Promising...

Then it all went downhill. The day started off very bright and sunny this morning. The cats woke Vin up early so he got up to feed them and get our coffees.
When we had got up and had our breakfast, he went off to block up the hole in the entry door so that rusty can't get round the front.  So that is what he did. he also took the ccover off the bench in the garden so that he could wipe it down and maybe wax it. What happened was that it started to...rain..typical! You just can't plan anything in this country given the british weather. No wonder that the English are so obsessed with talking about the weather.  At the time of typing this it is now pouring down. A beautiful Spring Day...Not !!
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with gruyere cheese
Baby jersey Royals
Green veggies, beans peas and mange tout.
Sauce of some sort.

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