Thursday, 15 May 2014

Supposed to be a Hot One!

been very cloudy all day today, but now I come up here to type this the sun has come out and it is warming up nicely. Typical!
We did the bedding this morning, overdue by a couple of days because I was in it, but I got up this morning and it was done. Dried in the drier though because it didn't look too promising, again..typical. it would have dried outside now.
Not much going n today, Vin took my money off to tesco  this morning,he needed some veggies and a few things that we had run out of like cat litter. can't do without that.The little ones wouldn't like it!
Oh dear..can't expect these two to go outside can we!!!  got a letter from the appointments dept to ring for a renal ne today, so just rung. Sept 15th. Chappie on the phone very abrupt, couldn't get off the phone quick enough.
Tonight we are having:
Not sure exactly. Maybe a flan for Vin
Potato croquettes
Something tomatoey,
This c
site is playing up today when you put a picture n,                                                  

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