Friday, 23 May 2014

Tescos here We Come...Again!

Since Tescos are the only people who send us vouchers or coupons that is where we tend to go these days! Plus they send vouchers for money off things they know we buy. Extremely clever because it does draw you back. Plus there is a very nice Costa Coffee shop attached which is for us a big draw.
So this blowy and cool friday morning selves off to Formby  to get our weekend things. Wasn't too bad either, and the parking was right outside.
Armed with vin's usual list we went round quite quickly and got what we needed. Actually i was expecting it to be busy with it being a Bank holiday weekend but wasn't too bad.
Then we went for our Costas..found our nice spot by the window and it was very pleasant just sitting there. Wish I had some shares in that firm..must be making a fortune. Vin had a Soya milk latte and I had a medio Americano, and we shared half a pack of little shortbreads. mmmm Lovely.
Just had a minor panic here while typing this post. I shook my hand and my wedding ring flew off..had no idea where it went and couldn't see it either,so banged on the window for Vin to come and have a look. He is really good at finding things. Trouble is my rings are so loose now thatthey jangle about on m y fingers and are in danger of falling off. Happens when I dry my hands too, I need a tighter band to hold it on. probably need to go to a proper jewellers and get something tighter. Anyway he came up and started searching, and then I spotted it on the carpet near where I had put the chair so that was ok in the end.
Tonight we are having:
Waitrose cheese and onion pasty
Green beansand mushrooms for Vin.
Waitrose rice puddings.

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