Friday, 9 May 2014

Hurry Home!

Off we went to Tesco this morning to get our weekend thingies. Vin said very clearly before we went that it would be a quick whizz round and back for our coffee so it was a rush past Costa because we went for one yesterday. he did go later and get a £20 Costa card with some of our winnings from things though! (  I think he just likes seeing the girl behind the counter!)
The quick whizz round the store turned into quite a biggish shop in the end  I ended up with £55 worth of stuff, some stock up items though.
Got some petrol on the way out, he had a voucher for 2p off a litre burning a hole in his pocket, and that was £40 so spent quite a bit in the end today.
Jane rang up just after we got home, she was on her way to get her hair cut. She still has her cough, and rang the GP  the day before yesterday and got an appointment for a week on Friday!!!! What is going on these days?  we said go to a walk in centre but she said the only one near there was the one the students use and you have to wait for hours. very blowy today, nice bright sunshine but the breezey wind is making it cool.
Tonight we are having:
Not sure exactly!
something with the remaining Jersey Royals sauteed and..something out of the freezer.
Any remaining veggies left in the fridge.

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