Monday, 19 May 2014

R.I.P. Bobby..(Robyn)

We3 had to make the saddest of journeys today. We both had been worried about Bobby for some time, and certainly during the last week her health had deteriorated to such an extent that she was barely getting round. The poor little thing was so thin she was just skin and bone, and you could feel all her bones through her flesh. She was walking round, eating and using her cat litter tray, but it was like it was getting too much of an effort.
She was on our knees yesterday but she couldn't seem to get comfy, and it was almost painful to stroke her. Rusty was due to go to the vets sometime soon for her injection, so I said to Vin last night that we needed to take Bobby.
He took her outside into the garden this morning before we went, because she absolutely loved her little garden, and she had a little bit of a walk round but he said there was no energy there. So, we kind of knew what was coming this morning although meither of us liked to say.
Mr Dixon saw Rusty first and gave her the injection she needed and some more tablets, then he looked at Bobby who was so good. he examined her all over, very thoroughly, and said she was severely dehydrated, anaemic and had quite a large tumour in her stomach area. So, the inevitable was that it was time for her to be put to sleep. Horrible...but you never want your cat to suffer, and we didn't think she would have lasted much longer anyway. Mr Dixon said that it was the right thing to do really.  Bobby sort of lay down on the table, and he shaved her leg, then an injection of high dose anaesthetic, and she was gone almost straight away. No movement, and really really peaceful.
it was like she had gone to sleep. I'm so glad we were both there for her at the end, she deserved that.  We have had her about 18years, and she has been a real character. A beautiful cat, and she will be sorely missed.

Vin is lifting one of the flags in the garden for her, which is nice because she loved her garden, rarely went far from it, and above all she loved the sunny spots. I'm so glad she got to go out there one last time this morning.
I hope you are in catty Heaven little Bobby..XXXX We all miss you Loads already. XXXXXXXX

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