Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Under the Weather!

Missed my posts for a couple of days because I have been a bit under the weather with an ear problem. Woke up one morning with a totally dizzy feeling and the room was spinning. Went off though and was ok during the day...But...the next morning it came back with a vengeance and was horrible..and it didn't go away. Vin rang the surgery and was told someone would ring back after morning surgery. Which she did, a very nice Dr with a European accent maybe Spanish and said it was Labrynthitis. She would prescribe some tablets to help,and Vin went over for them but the script wasn't ready it would be faxed over to the chemist over the road. Little time later the phone went and the chemist said it was there and ready. not bad eh! A  little tiny tablet which you put into the roof of your muth and it dissolves..well that's a first. It works too, reduces the dizziness and and settles it down.
Lovely sunny day here which is nice. vin was thinking of washing the bench down, so if the weather keeps nice we could maybe sit out with our coffees in the morning. We haven't used it yet, because while it has been sunny it has also been quite chilly with the wind effect.
Tonight we are having:
not sure really, depends what I feel like. maybe cottage pie with a little cheese on top of it.

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