Tuesday, 27 May 2014

In a Spin..

Must have got up too quickly this morning because it has taken me ages for the ear thingy to settle dow. got there in the end though.  poor Vin was woken up at half past five this morningwith Rusty miaowing in his face for food.! She seems to have taken over from little Bobby who used to do the waking up duty. Rusty hasn't quite got it yet though as half past five is a bit early, at least Bobby used to leave it to about eightish!
So he was up early,but he came back to bed and didn't wake me up bless him!
We had decided to go over to Ormskirk this morning to get some fishless fingers etc., and it was a reasonable day so off we went. Seemed strange to be making that journey because the last time we went there was to take Bobby Aaah.
Went to the park at the back of M&S and through to the Holland and Barratt. they had one packet leftand were expecting a new delivery today wouldn't you know it. so we got those and some frozen meatless sausage rolls. Since we had paid a bit for the parking we then went into M&S for our veggies for the week. I do like their veg but you know they are more expensive..but that doesn't matter. Got some nice things including some really nice gluten free bread which I had for my lunch.  Off to morrisons down the road then for our coffees, black ones because the machine is broken. Suited me because I have black ones anyway but Vin usually has a latte or some such. Very cheap there though..no wonder it was busy.  Bought a few things to make up the five pounds you have to spend to get the free parking, then home by about one thirty.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope of some sort,
veggies from M&S
hollandaise sauce
Baby cornish new potatoes

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