Thursday, 8 May 2014

One of Those Lucky Days...

 Got up reasonably, and the plan was to go over to maghull..have a bit of a mooch and go for a Costa coffee.  It's quite a nice drive and the traffic is light and it's a reasonable place to look round. First thing that arrived this morning was Vin's memory! not his actual memory but the one for his little netbook that he had bought two years ago from Maplins and had gone faulty. They guarantee it for a year, but it was well over that and it did have a ten year guarantee on it so he had sent it back to the manufacturers. My Vin is one of those rare people who keep receipts for EVERYTHING so that he still had it. This was one of the sti[ulations that you have to send proof of purchase, wh8ich of course he had. Wonder how many people could say that! Anyway that came back and he was well pleased because they had sent him a new one!
While I was getting ready to go out he was out doing something with his car and another postman arrived we get two posts now..the Royal mail and TNT..don't know what that is about! Then when he came back inside there was a parcel on the doorstep. It was some stuff that I had ordered from Bon Marche in their sale. A shirt/blouse and two nice bras. I nipped upstairs to try the blouse on and didn't really like it. Very thin material and there was something bunched up on the shoulder. It was only when I took it off that I saw it had a camisole underneath it!¬ Too faffy to put on, and we were gping to Maghull where there is a Bon Marche so I decided to take it back.
Which we did. Parked in the square and I went in there to take it back and he went into B&Ms to get a few things like cat food etc., I told him to look for toothpast..Aquafresh in tubes which we don't seem to be able to get anywhere. None of the supermarketys have it and indeed they didn't either.  I went into Superdrug and they didn't have it either1 so off we went for a Costa. Vin had a nice Toffee nut latte and I had a medium Americano. Got a lovely comfy sofa right at the back where we sat for about forty minutes apparently just chatting.
Back to the car, and Vin said he would just nip over to the Boots on the other side of the road to see if they had the toothpaste and he was back in a couple of mins with some. On offer too! three for the price of two. So..a really good lucky day today.

Tonight we are having:
Quorn fillets with a white wine and mushroom sauce
Carrots and asparagus,
baby Jersey Royals.

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