Thursday, 22 May 2014

Poor Janey XXXX

I feel really sorry for her today. She had the afternoon off her placem,ent and was going to the garage to have a test drive of the car she had been looking at which was a little Peugeot. She rang us when she had been there and liked the car, so went in to seal the deal. Then she rang back a short while later to say that the receipt would say.. "For spares or repair" !  Very odd. She knew it wouldn't have a warranty on it, and there was a long conversation about this with her dad..who it has to be said wasn't keen on the deal anyway! and he actually spoke to the guy selling it, but he wouldn't budge. Wouldn't even put "sold without warranty" either. So in the end a very disappointed Jane walked away from it. So it still left the problem of her car with dodgy brakes, which need repair and a very dejected daughter. Poor kid..i suppose she had got herself all geared up to getting the car but the stupid sods in the garage lost that sale. She doesn't have time to go round garages looking for cars, she has placement and her work at Ticketmaster and no time off, and a placement where she doesn't like the girs there. Oh Dear!!!
We have told her to get the brakes fixed and then she will at least have a means of transport till August, but she has gone home to licjk her wounds I think.
 Meanwhile back at the ranch.. i did a pikle of ironing this morning while Vin went off to Formby to get a hair cut. He rang up to say they were all full and he wasn't waiting so he came home in a mood too. Grrrr..two of the family in moods !!!
then we went round to  vote. One for local elections and the other for the European ones. The euro voting paper was a mie long, can't even remember half of the candidates on it. way and another it has been a horrible day and a horrible week with poor little Bobby having to be put down on Monday. That was just awful..and I think Jane doesn't realise just how upsetting that was.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn fillets in a white wine and herb sauce with mushrooms
carrots and butternut squash,
Squashed new potatoes.

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