Saturday, 17 May 2014

Coffee on the Patio!!

For the very first time this year we sat outside on our bench for our morning coffees. very nice it was too. Sunglasses on, sunshade for moi and the birds tweeting! lovely.Blue skies and vapour trails from the planes overhead, beautiful. Even little Bobby and Rusty came out to join us too. very sociable.
Vin went off to tescos this morning for the weekend things, and not long after he had gone Jane rang up, from...yep..Tescos. She was in buying bread, cheese and a cffee on the way out.So we had a nice little chat, then she went because she was at her car. Only, to ring back in a little while to say that she was in Iceland on the way home because she had forgotten her cheese! said it was my fault because she had been rabbiting on to me and forgotten to get her cheese!
She rang off and by then Vin was home, so unpacked his purchases and went out for our coffees.
Got a bit of a perplexing letter this morning. handwritten..and from Aintree hospital, a blood test form and asking me to go for a blood test a.s.a.p, wonder where that came from? I have only just rung for the renal appointment on Thursday s it can't be to do with that. Very odd!
Tonight we are having:
Chicken style nuggets (Quorn)
A pack of egg fried rice
A few sauteed mushrooms.
Sweet and sour sauce.

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