Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Two Cuties !

This picture was taken in September 1996, not long after we got bobby from the Freshfields Animal Rescue over the way. It was on an old polaroid photo...remember those! and our Jane was about just thirteen,. bobby was about ne here so we have had her for around 181/2 years. Jane is now nearly 31 and is doing Radiography in Manchester! Doesn't time fly?
Beautiful sunny day today, with blue skies and pretty cloudless. we took ourselves off to Dobbies this morning to get some pklants for the barrel in the front garden. At the moment it has the remaining stems of daffodils in it, and is looking a bit worse for wear. he says he will probably do them tomorrow.
So, we had a good look round and selected some bronze coloured daisy like plants and two trays of other plants to fill in the spaces.
of course we went for our free coffees, lovely and quiet it was too today, loads of room. we did sit inside because it was  a bit breezy outside.             Then we had a mooch about I bought some little jars of pear chutney which we both like, and a few other things. Then home for lunch.. Very nice.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta bake with a cheese sauce and mushrooms,
garlic bread,

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