Friday, 16 May 2014

Bits and Pieces...

Well i still have the dizziness which I've had since the beginning of the week. Mornings aren't too good, I get up and the room is spinning so it takes me about a quarter f an hour to settle down. The day is not too bad but my balance is rubbish. like being drunk without the alcohol! :)
Vin rang up the surgery for me this morning and got an appointment for twenty to twelve so went over for that. Thankfully the Dr was downstairs, because they have a horrible spiral staircase up to the first floor there, and I hate it. Got in about five past twelve after a wait, and LET Vin go in with me, that is a concession believe me because he doesn't usually go in to appointments with me at all. He's too nosy!
Dr was very nice..took the blood pressure which was very good, probably due to the loss of wweight, and had a look in my ears which were ok. Said it was Labrynthitis which we knew anyway, and the Dr we spoke to on Tuesday morning said that too. Given me some more tablets and said it should last about a week.
Loveely sunny day today, bright sun outside, and even the little cats were out in the back garden this morning. Bobby loves a sit in the sunshine. Vin said she was in the front garden this morning, he was out cleaning the glass on his car, and had left the porch door open a tiny bit, and she had nudged it open and got into the front. So he kept an eye on her and she had a bit of a nosey but got a bit scared by the little bus going past. Not a bad thing really.

Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers,
Mushy peas for Vin and a few carrots for moi,
Chips!! 200 grms.

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