Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Small Steps!

Well that's a first! I was sitting on the sofa after we had had our lunch and little Jessie jumped up on the footstool opposite me. Then she very tentatively went on my knee. Only for a moment mind you, I stroked her and she sniffed my hand and went. That has only taken four months!
Mostly she won't come near me, and prefers her Daddy. 
I had one appointment today over the way at the surgery with the nursie.  At least it was only a few minutes away, and it was empty when I got there so didn't need to wait long. Nice friendly nurse who seemed quite happy with my progress, height, weight, bloodtests all done at Aintree last week so didn't need doing again. Diabetic results fine, as is blood pressure, so we were out in about half an hour in total. Home to soup and a round of toast because it is a grey rainy day today. The weather forecast people were right they said it would be a cloudy grey and drizzly day and so it is. 
I love this picture of the two of them Jane and Jess. She (Jess) is quite used to her really,didn't run away when she came home at the weekend. 

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