Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Nice Surprise!

It was a nice surprise to see our Jane on Saturday morning! She came quite early, the doorbell went and Vin jumped up in his pyjamas,  muttering about me and my parcels, then came back upstairs. I said what was that? and he replied ..nothing! Then Jane appeared in the doorway with a beautiful bunch of flowers and a card. Lovely to see her, it is a while since she has been home. I think she wanted to see Jess really, who did disappear under her bed upstairs but soon came out actually. I think she is used to Jane now.
This little monkey has been playing with a really old catnip mouse that we bought years ago from Culpepers in Bath. She really gave that a good licking, and it must be years old! It's like a catty cannabis!
Since we didn't  have any apointments today we had a day in. I have one tomorrow  and should have  had one at the dressings clinic on Friday but I got a phone call from Aintree Hospital this morning from someone connected to Mr Butcher and making an appointment for 9.30. Bit early for me but never mind.  :(  Vin rang up and cancelled the one at the dressings clinic, since the foot will be dressed at Aintree anyway.
Vin did all sorts od bits and bobs today including carrying a very hot bundle of ashes in paper.
Fast asleep in her basket nw. Probably got a catnip head! Vin said she will get the munchies later!! 

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