Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Podiatry Today!!

Today was centred around the appointment at the podiatry clinic at Aintree, 2.30 so that governs the day really. 
Didn't get up early because there was no need so we could have our morning coffee and cow biscuit! It's a little routine that we have :)  It was get dressed, have a little peek on the computer and then down for coffee, very nice Macchiato for me today for a change. Up to get the slap on and clothes changed, and away  off to Aintree. 
 Podiatry was a bit of a surprise really,  apparently the toe on the left foot they have been treating for an ulcer, has now become infected so they have referred me back to Mr Butcher for a consultation, so that probably means chop chop.  Ah well. 
Little Jessie went outside on her own today  and came back in too after a bit, which was good. When we went out he locked the catflap because he didn't want her to be going out on her own when we weren't there.:)

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