Thursday, 23 March 2017

In For a Change...

We all stayed in today, even little Jessie. Not that she goes out much anyway. She will follow her beloved Vin if he is going in the garden but this morning he was doing some bits and bobs in the garden and she happened to be asleep on Jane's bed so didn't hear him go out I suppose. She actually stayed there till we had our lunch so had a good sleep today. 
Terrible  tragic happenings in London yesterday. The papers are full of what went on, the Daily Mail has about ten pages of it all. Suppose that is because it is The Houses of Parliament that was involved. Quite a few injuries to pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, and all the evening programmes telling of what was happening almost frame by frame. 
Quite nice today, a touch of Spring, not that our daffodils in the barrel are doing anything special 
Little Jess will be unlucky today if she is after a blob of cream from her daddy's plate like yesterday because there isn't any left!! 
In the alcove, waiting for her feed!

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