Thursday, 9 March 2017

Nice and Quiet!

No outings today or appointments, but I do have one at the dressings clinic tomorrow, so we stopped in today. In between doing his chores, cat cleaning, the fire, bits of admin work Vin like to catch up on his bits and bobs.
Winnings today, were £4.01 from the football pools he does. I asked him where the penny comes from and he said it was the share of the pool!!! He's done quite well for winnings this month, £25 on the premium bonds, £25 of f the scanning firm so the total is respectable. Never anything life changing but not too bad eh!
Nice and sunny today but still probably cool, a bit like the other day really. At least it isn't wet, the winter has been a wet one this year, very little frost and no snow here but presently the fields round and about are quite flooded and the ditches are full. 
Little Jessie is quiet today, went out a bit this morning, but came back in quickly. She doesn't stay out for long if Vin isn't there.
She does look gorgeous when she is in her basket, so relaxed. Until the doorbell goes then she flies up the stairs!

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