Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Out in the sunshine!

Since uit was quite a nice day today when we woke up, and we didn't have any appointments either, we decided to go out for our coffees. 
So it was Dobbies for us. You do get a really nice coffee there and there are a few bits that we get from there as well. It is always a good place to look round, and quite spacious and since he wheels me round that is always a plus. It's funny being in a wheelchair, you can't look at things high up, or very low down and it is quite hard to pick things up if you are whizzing past them :) :) It is good fun though, and at least it enables me to get round without using the feet at the moment. 
We both had a lovely flat white which would have cost £4.50 and a bit of a people watch which is always enjoyable. Lots of yummy mummy types and older couples. and groups of women who look like sisters or good friends. Very sociable place.
Then we went round and got our bits and home by half past one.  Jane rang up to say she had been to Manchesterand got her trousers for work from Next but  not her trainers, she didn't see any she liked so will try again on Sunday..
Little Jessie was in her basket when we got her home she doesn't seem to be a cat who runs to the door to greet you. I think she has only done that once.  Very nice just before lunch she threw up all over the kitchen floor, so Vin was in clearing up mode poor lad. Then she was all over him on the sofa. 
What a nice life!

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