Friday, 24 March 2017

Costa Here we Come!

What a treat! Out and about without an appointment. Vin had said we would go somewhere today but wasn't sure where. In the end because  he needed to get a few things from his shopping list we decided on Tesco and the Costa. It is actually seven weeks since we had been there which is longer than I thought. Doesn't time fly!
Parkinjg not too bad, petrol station bit was closed, but he had filled up in Aintree anyway so didn't need any. They seem to be putting new pumps in by the looks of things. 
Went straight into Costa and got a nice table in the corner which we like and Vin went off to get two flat whites. They do a really nice one which we like because our machine at home doesn't do those. They do a lovely fern  pattern on the tops too, I would love to know how they do that! He bought them out of our "winnings" this is money that we get through little lottery winnings or other bits and pieces that come our way.
He went off to get the shopping bits because he is quick, and left me with the boring Liverpool Echo to read.  Back soon and went home  to the little cat who hadn't moved from  from where she was in the front room. Asleep in a nice little sunny spot. 
Jane has just rung on her way home from work, she sid that the authorities have arrested a man from West Didsbury where she lives, she knows the road but it isn't near her at all thank goodness. This is to do with the terrorist attack in London so they are making moves to get people. 
Jessie in feeding mode. She woke her Daddy up this mrning at half past six this morning!  When the clocks go forward this weekend I wonder what time she will be getting him up.? 

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