Thursday, 16 March 2017

Nothing Much doing!

It's quite funny when you don't have any appointments really. Just a lovely normal day in with lovely husband and lovely cat. It has actually gone fairly cold again today so Vin is still on fire duty. 
The only big thing I did today was to ring up the hairdressers that I go to in Formby for a cut and blow dry. I used to go there quite regularly but since I have had the health bothers it has been difficult. Actually the last time I had my hair cut was in The Royal hospital when a lady came round the wards and Vin reckoned that was about eighteen months ago!!! The hair is so thin I have been too embarrassed to go to a hairdressers but it is growing a tad now so I made an appointment for 11.45 tomorrow.  Here goes! I'm looking for a miracle really if truth were told.:) 
Vin and little Jess have been having conversations! I hear them one miaowing and the other chatting away to her. He let her out this morning while we had breakfast and she came back in on her own and upstairs to look for him. Plonked herself down in the middle of his paper and wouldn't move till he sneezed then she shot off the bed like a bullet :) She is such a timid little thing if you make a sudden noise she runs off. Aaww.
I love this one when she is really comfy and lollops all over the basket. Vin usually ends up tickling her tummy and she rolls over for more!

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