Monday, 20 March 2017

Toothi3es not Tootsies!

Not a Podiatry couch for me today but a dental one instead! I had broken a couple of teeth some weeks ago but with one appointment after another I just didn't get round to getting anything done. The time came round today and made one for twelve o'clock today.At least it was a painless one because no filling needed, they required smoothing off and filing down to make them less rough and all was done.  Just had to pay the £19.70 and that was it. Only thing was when I  looked in my purse I didn't have enough money but luckily Vin was there to bail me out with a ten pound note. How embarrassing :)  So his next job was to go and get me some money from the post office. Good job it is just up the road! 
Horrible wet day to start with today but has cleared up nicely now and the sun is shining through the windows now. Had to avoid the puddles going into the dentist this morning. Disn't want to get the wheels wet. :)
Little Jess is very quiet today but round and about. Vin chased her after lunch and she ran upstairs like greased lightening and under the bed. I think she knows by now it is only a joke, and she soon comes out for more! 
Very good friends really. She absolutely loves him, and he is the first choice to go to all the time.!  

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