Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Up and At Em !

This was the cry at Disney to get you going. This morning it was up early to go along to an appointment at Aintree for the renal clinic.That was for 10.15 so we had to get going early. Got there on time in fact early and just about parked on floor two. That is always a bother the parking,then Vin went off to get some wheels for moi, he was back in a couple of minutes which was good and we set off for the clinic. Did the weight, blood pressure etc., quickly and sat and waited outside.  Saw a nice Dr who had seen me last time when the nurse practitioner got me admitted. He said I looked better, probably because I have put a bit of weight on due to Vin's good care and nutrition. Now 56kgms which is a bit more and probably better for me. He sent me for a blood test, this time with Maxine who works alongside my namesake Jenniger. Always enjoy a bit of banter in there. 
After that it was off to the M&S retail park for a coffee at Marks. Had a lovely flat white which I like because it's a bit smaller, doesn't fill you up so much. Enjoyed that, and a look round the food area, and bought a few things there, including a three bean wrap for Vin's lunch. Jane had told him about those and he really enjoyed that.He nipped into the Next shop which is new for a quick look. Said it was huge and the Costa in there looked really good so might try that next time we go there. 
Little Jessie was still in her basket when we got home, she doesn't come to the door when we get in, maybe she will in time. 
She does like waiting for us on the stairs doesn't she. Then when you try to step over her she moves quickly and runs off. 

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