Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Tootsie Day!

Up and at em this morning, at least we should have been but Vin slept in a bit. The reason for that was that little Jessie did her alarm waking up bit and crawled about his legs till he got up!. This was VERY early so he had to get up and feed her. Hence when he went back to bed he slept in a bit. Can't blame him really. :) Of course I don't get woken up because I don't hear anything.Oh dear, what a shame. 
Since my appointment was for 1.30 today instead of 2.30 we had to get going a bit differently, had breakfast as usual, then Vin did his clearing up and got the bin round again, and I had a nice hair wash. At least my hair feels a lot better for having had it cut. Then we had a lovely baby coffee and a biscuit to put us on and went upstairs to get ready. Out and at Aintree by 1.15, Vin leaves me in the waiting area and goes and parks the car.  Had to wait a bit today apparently they were extremely busy, "one of those days" the girl who did my foot said. She was very quick and efficient and we were out and off to the Co-Op for our lunch, all prepared by Vin's fair hands! Isn't he a star!
Home to news on the television of a shooting at The Houses of Parliament, so that has overtaken everything on the box. I don't think little Jess has moved at all since we left! Just fast asleep in her basket.
Jess in her basket..All's well with the world :)

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