Monday, 13 March 2017

Out with the old and in with the new !

"Twas on a Monday morning the gas man came to call"
Or so the old song goes. In our case it wasn't the gas man but the electric man, or rather two of them.  Some weeks ago a man came to fit a new smart meter, but was only here a few minutes and went because he couldn't get a phone signal. Could have told him that, no-one along the terraced road can get a phone signal, usually end up standing in the garden or sticking your phone out of the window to get anything. :)  Anyway he said the cable was unsafe and needed  replacing, well it has been there since the house was built over a hundred years ago now. 
This morning they came to do it, the girl on the phone said about eight thirty  so Vin got up early to get ready for them. Dead on eight thirty they arrived, the electric was off for about half and hour and it was done. He was very impressed. Good job. 
Of course poor little Jessie disappeared as soon as she heard them and flew under the bed upstairs, came out about an hour after they had gone for a cuddle with her daddy!
Trying to hide! She did come out eventually. She is such a timid cat, hates doorbells, even those that are on the television!
Fairly busy this week, appointments tomorrow at the renal clinic, and the podiatry on Wednesday, and the dressings clinic n Friday. not much time for us this week! No doubt we will get a coffee in somewhere!

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