Monday, 10 September 2012

Twas on a Monday morning...

The taxman came to call... Vin came upstairs where I was n the computer to say the post had been and it was mainly junk but I had a letter from the Income tax. Wasn't best pleased..usually means that it is an increase in the tax code. bit of a surprise when I went down then to find that I have overpaid by £490 !! so will be getting a cheque for that amount. very nice too..Now..what shall i spend it on?? Beautiful weekend for a change, but today is very showery. and at the moment it is tipping down. Good job we didn't hang the washing out!! just caught a glimpse of the Olympics parade in London and it doesn't look too bad there but a bit windy. At least the Olympics was blessed with good weather. been a good year for Londoners all in all. Wouldn't like to live there though! jane rang up a couple of times during the weekend, usually when she is on her way to work for a chat. She is starting at her Uni next monday..that's come round quickly.getting a bit stressed about her money, she can't seem to sort out her hours at ticketmaster which is a was a good job for her.No doubt something will turn up. Tonight we are having: pizza from last ni9ght with mushroom egg and potato salad with avocado potato salad for moi and couscous for Vin.

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