Thursday, 13 September 2012

Little trip Out!!

Up earlish this morning and out at 9.30 or thereabouts. Over the road to the G.P.Surgery. Can't say it is exactly busy over there, me, a man with a laptop, and a young mum with a baby..makes a change from the one in Crosby which was usually heaving with people. Reason for going was a diabetic review,with the nice nursey. This is the one who does the diabetic cases, and actually she is very thorough. Does everything on the checklist, eye, blood pressure, urine sample, weight, and feet. All seems ok actually. The weight has gone down by 9lbs since I last went not through trying, but as a result of the condition that I have at the moment.She was quite surprised at the length of time that it has taken to get to the right clinic, said it was a let down. nearly there though, 28th Sept is the next appointment. So, did fairly well this morning, and don't have to go back till dec for bloods. Back quite early so did a bit of online mooching. Did transfer some money into Jane's account for her car insurance, £470 to be precise..hope she appreciates it. Vin sent her a text message headed can be very dry sometimes. Tonight we are having: Something with.. A pack of sweet potato and butternut squash A pack of mixed vegetables Some little baby potatoes.

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