Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Funny Old Day...

Doesn't seem to know what it wants to do today. A bit sunny and a bit breezythen cloudy. Vin has been out in the garden doing some weeding and other bits and pieces. it's green bin week this week and he tries to get stuff in that on time. he took my bank card off to tesco today for a change, Came back with a load of different things. funny how the supermarkets have their own styles of doing veggies. All a bit different.We don't go to Tesco very often actually so their things make a change. Vin said it was very quiet today, makes a difference when the kids go back to school.No post even, and all we had today was a delivery of my Aranesp injections which come by special delivery van. Someone just rang the doorbell..Vin went and said it was someone with a card selling stuff. We don't get as many door callers as we used to years ago. we used to get all sorts of people selling things or offering services. i remember the knife sharpener who used to come and get your knives and sharpen them, the fish van who always came on a Friday. Then the religious ones, the Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and the Poor Clare Nuns. They were ones my Mum always used to give to.They used to come from Liverpool I think.
My orchid is still looking gorgeous. vin bought me this for my birthday on the 18th July and it still looks as good as then. Wonderful flowers. Well worth the money. Did do a bit of online ordering today. Saw some bedding in the colour I wanted a nice browny tint..called mink. 6 piece and on easy pay so you don't have to fork out all at once. Also bought some new Sloggis from debenhams..half price sale today, so good value. keeps Vin busy answering the door next week Haha :) Tonight we are having: gruyere cheese escalope Mixed veggies with a mushroom sauce baby potatoes boiled and squashed.

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