Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Perils of Internet Shopping !

These days i do quite a bit of online shopping. For one reason, I am stuck in the house so can't get out to get my bits and pieces or clothing needs etc., For another I have obviously got the time to do it these days. I got a package this morning which was two packs of briefs both the same size and one arrived as a different size!! So got in touch with themand they are sending a replacement item. What a pain!! Vin took my money off to tesco this morning because he wanted to go to Homebase for some paint. Got all the stuff for the week and did very well too. He has proved to be a really good shopper now. Just shows you what you can do when you have to. Jane has just rung up on her way home for Uni..had a good day today with a lot of inductiuon things going on. She gets her uniforms on Friday for which she has to pay £85 but she thinks she gets that back eentually. Tonight we are having: Escalope with cheese and broccoli Baby potatoes squashed Mushroom sauce Mixed veggies

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