Sunday, 16 September 2012

Getting Cooler...

Definitely seen the end of Summer I think. Was there one anyway? The nights are beginning to draw in now and it's getting darker by around 7.30 now. We are starting to use the heaters too..a5t least I am, because Vin doesn't feel the cold as much as I do, he is still in his thin short sleeved shirts..must be mad!! Not nice today though, it's quite blustery and very wet..typical English weather really. Put the new bedding on the bed today..very luxurious 400thread count cotton in a fetching shade of Mink..or a sort of dark coffee shade for a change. Looks gorgeous anyway. Vin went off to Crosby this morning to get some stuff and when he got back, the girl in the end house asked him in to help with her kitchen tap which was leaking. Some problem with the stop tap though so he couldn't do much, a plumbing job I think. Jane rang up this morning too, she is off today, and looking forward to starting at Uni tomorrow. Good Luck jane..hope this course goes well for you. Tonight we are having: Pizzas with extra mushroom Egg and potato salad with avocado Potato salad for moi and a couscous for Vin

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