Friday, 14 September 2012

A veggie life...

Sometimes being veggie means you have to be a bit creative. Not having meat as the main course in our house often means a Quorn alternative of some sort. last night i had a pack of butternut squash and sweet potatoes, a pack of mixed vegetables from Tesco with beans, carrots, sweetcorn and broccokli, and the remainder of a bag of new potatoes. So, i st3eamed them all, then put them into a dish. Made a cheese sauce and added two beaten eggs to it. Poured that over the top of the dish, a bit of grated cheese on top and baked in a fairly high oven. very tasty too. Well it was a sort of vegetable moussaka. Got a nice letter from the income tax people today with a cheque for £490 and 40p. Wonder where the 40p comes from? Gone already unfortunately since Jane rang up about her car insurance, and bank of mum forked out for the second year.! Phew..that was a bit of a hectic few minutes..Just typing this and Jane rang up laughing about the Mother message that her Daddy sent yesterday. She said she had two messages on her phone, that one from us and then one from her insurance company warning her that her insurance was about to expire. So she is sorted for a bit anyway. Then the doorbell went and it was Janice from nexct door about her cat, so I gave her the bag back and the phone went was Jane again, she'd been in the shop so was finishing her call. She is happy at the moment and looking forward to going to Uni again on Monday..fingers crossed this time that it all goes well. Tonight we are having: Cheese and onion pasties from Waitrose, Baked tomato and green beans for moi and broccoli for Vin. rice pudding Yay!

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