Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Blood tests Again!

Up early this morning with no cup of coffee and cow biscuit. This was needed for a fasting blood test at 9.20. Saw the nice friendly nurse at the village surgery who got my vein the first time. Funny how some of them can do it straight offr and others dig away for England. When I had the MRI done last week I had to have the port put in and that nurse had three goes and then went off to get someone elsee who did it right off. Home in a few minutes after the nurse booked me in for the diabetic review next week. just couldn't get out of it again! Breakfast and then Vin went off complete with list to the Sainsbury's in crosby for the weekly veggies and other stuff. Forgot my loaf though...even though it was on the list!!!!!He got himself a lovely big Burgens loaf however!!! Only kidding..can't complain can I !! Jane rang up at lunchtime on her way to work. She is quite excited because she has got her timetable for the course she is starting in a few weeks..radiography.I think she will do well at that..she is smart, and good with people and it will give her a job with structure. She did mention that her car insurance is due up and the renewal will be £470 !! and that is the cheapest quote she got.Bank of Mum and Dad paying out again. You never think that when you have a baby that you will still be forking out at the age of 29 do you! I think she appreciates it though..I hope she does. Her dads birthday card didn't arrive, even though she swore it was posted. Wonder what happened to that? Vin waslooking online last night at the cost of school fees for the school she went to in Crosby..St Mary's. It is currently £3000 a term!!! No way would we be able to afford that nowadays.Then you have all the extras, the expensive uniform, the trips of which there were many, the holidays all of which she went on, even Australia! the musical instrument etc., etc., games equipment,no end to it. I think you would need a very deep pocket to be able to afford that these days. Tonight we are having: Cheese and broccoli escalope Baby potatoes squashed Carrots and beans Mushroom sauce.

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