Thursday, 6 September 2012


Lots of bits and bobs this mornng. Started off with the ironing,did a load of the bedding that had been looking at me for about three days.Vin did the cat things ready for the floor to be done later. Then it was the bathroom. Then the kitchen, so now the quarry floor is sparkling, no doubt something will be dropped on it later!! I had to ring the G.P.s at 1.30 about my cholesterol! Ooops..time to confess that I hadn't been taking my statins. So rang the nursey at the appointed time, and she explained that my cholesterol had gone up from 5.5 to 6.1 within a month which isn't good. Not like we have a lot of fats or oils ar butter etc., and in fact I am eating less than normal lately, and very careful what I eat too at the moment.So unexplained really. Anyone she said that I needed a chat..and I said that I had an appointment next week anywayso she has lengthened that by ten mins to cover this. Deep sigh...once they get you..they really get you. Nice day again today, Vin is in the garden doing a bit of weed burning, I think the cats are out there too, or at least Bobby is.Enjoying the late summer sunshine. Tonight we are having: Not exactly sure. Maybe something from the freezer, Carrots and green beans Sliced sauteed potatoes in fry light.

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