Wednesday, 5 September 2012

September Sun..

Always the way isn't it. As soon as the kids go back to school the sun comes out.At least the shops should be quieter now. Little bobby was out and about for a while this morning soaking up the sunshine. She loves the sun and is a real sun baby.Good job she doesn't have white ears, you have to be careful with cats with white ears apparently. Rusty has been following vin around as usual..a real loyal little thing. Vin went off to tesco this morning to get some things he didn't get yesterday, and also use some vouchers he had. We got up a bit late today, probably because we were up early yesterday, so he didn't go till mid morning. he got some petrol, seems ages since he last bought £40. he is presently in the garden burnng some of the weeds that have grown up in all of the wet weather, and just come up to say little Rusty is on the catmint so beware. it drives them maddoes catmint. He came back with everything on his list today..well done. Phone call from the surgery today. Vin was passing me the phone as I was saying Oh God and the receptionist heard and quickly said it's ok it's nothing to worry about. i need to talk to the practice nursey about my cholesterol! Ooops ..guess who doesn't take her statins. Stopped taking them about oh well years ago..never really liked the side effects. Caught up with me now though. Big sigh..another black mark on my notes!!!! No doubt nursey will tell me off next week when I have the check up. Doorbell went a few minutes ago..a woman standing there with a clip board and before I could open my mouth she says..I'm not selling anything! Have you heard about a government grant for loft insulation? i said yes we had it done last husband did it.
Loft with insulation! Tonight we are having: Pasta with a three cheese sauce Mushrooms A bit of garlic bread.

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