Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A Simple little Outing...

Got up at usual time today, with the sun shining through the windows. However, not the warmth to go with it, quite blowy and cold outside. 
Bullens rang this morning to take my order which will be delivered next Tuesday. Excellent firm that one, very reliable and really helpful. The next ring will be the 31st of March.
Since it is Tuesday we needed to go somewhere to get a few veggies etc for the week. So off we went to the boring old Tesco. Not very exciting but they do have a Costa which is a bit of a draw.  very quiet when we got there with lots of car spaces..looking good. Went round fairly quickly because we actually are well stocked up Got what we needed including the veggies, and a few extras then paid and went for our coffees. Vin put the bags in the car first. Thing is when we arrived the Costa didn't look too bad but when we went in for our coffees it was busy and we were left with a not very nice table by the entrance. Bit of a shame but hey ho..never mind. :) 
Vin had a Soya Latte and I had a really nice skinny latte medium. Beautiful drink actually.  We sat and watched what was going on..which was two girls who were perched at a table trying to sell flight delay forms. Vin says this is a new thing that is being pushed. All the time we sat there they didn't get one enquiry..and they were so bored they were laughing at people going past. Then on the spot of one o'clock they got up, moved the table back and went into the Costa area to get their lunch!! i just wonder who is paying for that..if they are on comission they won't be earning their lunch!!!
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie with gravy,
Mixed vegetables.

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