Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Nthing Worse !!

Than hanging around all morning waiting for a repairman to call. Wednesday today so we were waiting for the man from Hotpoint to call to fix the washing machine. We got an email to say they would call on Wednesday and would send another to say what sort of time. That never came despite Vin looking sbout a dozen times yesterday. Oh well, it was a good job 
that he had ordered some coal to be delivered today as well. That arrived on time this morning..three bags £57.
Eventually the washing machine man came at about two fifteenish..had a quick look.. said it needed a new drum and he would have to order the part and went after about four minutes!!! Good job we are covered by insurance or that would have been expensive. Anyway it will be delivered early next week. So it looks like next week is going to be another busy week as well as this week is proving to be.
Nice and sunny today, Vin is presently in the garden trying to get his solar lights to work. Some of them are working but he reckons that the batteries have gone on others. The nicest set of lights we have in the garden are along the fence and are a lovely string of coloured lights that work on a timer, I got from QVC. 
Tomorrow we are off out somewhere..time for a free coffee out I think!!
Tonight we are having:
Pasta cheese with veggies to go with
Butternut squash maybe.
A piece of garlic bread for Vin.

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