Friday, 6 March 2015


Alarms set this morning for an earlyish get up because I had an appointment at Aintree for 11-15. It does take about half an hour to get there so we had to leave by half past ten. 
Got there about eleven so did traffric to speak of so a good journey. Gave my letter in and sat and waited, then Vin caught me up when he had parked the car (on the top floor of the multi storey car park).  Then a nurse said there would be a half hour delay for Mr Skaife's team, so Vin had a ppeek at the corridor where the blood tests are done and there was only one waiting so since i had brought a form for a blood test for the renal clinic in a couple of weeks I nipped along there while I was waiting. jennifer did my blood as usual..we have a bit of a joke about our names..nice girl gets the blood first each time. 
Then sat back in the waiting room and was called pretty soon after that. Met a really nice registrar on Mr Skaife's team, didn't catch her name but she was very thorough, asked the right questions and listened. I LET Vin come in with me this time which is pretty much of a first..thought he would be an extra pair of ears. I quite often have a problem hearing what they are saying so he could listen too and add his bit. Proved to be very useful actually. She did some questioning which was relevant, and then gave me the options. She wanted to use a camera to see what is going on in my middle but some of the procedures are a problem with a renal perspective so it was decided that I should have a C.T. Scan with oral. A letter will come in the post.
Vin went for the car and we went off towards M&S to get a coffee . Wasn't too busy there actually, Vin had an Americano and I had a Latte for a change. Very pleasant, but they could d with making their cafe area bigger it is quite crowded. Should have made it bigger in the first place!  A little look round the food hall afterwards  I wanted to get a loaf and we just got a couple of other things then home. About twenty five miles there and back in his lovely little car. 
Home for lunch. Vin made himself a really really nice looking potato cake with some leftover mash from last night, and had that with some beans.  I had a toasted sandwich.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers 
Chips 200 grms
Mushy peas for Vin and carrot for moi. 

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