Monday, 2 March 2015

Monday Morning....

Just another non-manic Monday.. Not a lot doing today. bedding this morning with the washing machine making a very loud noise for some reason. Ah long as it goes.  Vin woke up quite early, went and got our coffees..he has a mug full I have a little tiny one and we have a cow biscuit each :) then we had a bit of a doze till we got up later. Not a nice day so we weren't going anywhere. Stopped in, and he made a beautiful Sourdough loaf in th3e bread machine. At least the dough is made in the machine then proved in the bread tin so you get a really nicely shaped loaf.
He is getting really good in the kitchen these days. Well done Vin XXX
Jane is back on placement today for the week but she didn't ring up yesterday so I am aq bit concerned. Very funny thing just as I was typing this  the phone rang and it was her. She has done her day and is walking home.  Phone was dead yesterday so that was why she didn't phone.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza and salad for Vin
Chilli noodle salad
Poached egg for moi.

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