Monday, 30 March 2015

A Wet Monday...

Start the week with a wet monday. At the time of writing this it is pouring down, and quite grey outside. typical Spring weather really. The clocks went forward on Sunday so we are getting the lighter nights, and it was fairly sunny when we awoke this morning too. Need to get some heavier curtains for the bedroom so the light doesn't wake us up so early. !
We stopped in today, we have our tea for tonight so no need to go anywhere today. Will go somewhere tomorrow for the veggies.
Jane rang up yesterday, she is in her placement this week, and has an interview at Salford on Wednesday afternoon at One o'clock. Good luck for that our Jane.  Her friends are beginning to get jobs now, so the pressure is on a bit. Just hope she gets the one she wants.
She is coming home on the Tuesday after Easter just overnight because she is going to have a look round Aintree hospital. I had a CT scan last Friday and the radiographer who did my scaan turned out to be the one she emailed about a look round which is quite a co-incidence. Lovely she was actually very pleasant and friendly. 
Tonight we are having:
Pizza for Vin with salad
Chilli noodle salad..
A baked potato for me.

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