Monday, 16 March 2015

Twas On A Monday Morning....

The Aeriel man came to call...He said he would come between ten and twelve. Spot on ten he arrived. Went up on the roof to have a look and sorted out the problem. It wasn't the aeriel as we had initially thought but a cable and power box that was causing the lack of picture on all of the televisions in the house. Good job we had the Sky, at least we were able to keep up with some of the things we watch.
He was here just over an hour and fixed it properly with a new power box and that was all £95 which isn't too bad considering the last time we had him about eight years ago it was over a hundred.  So that was today taken care of, the next thing is my appointment over the way at the surgery tomorrow and the washing machine man on Wednesday. It has turned from being a clear week to one of having things done in the end. 
I did ring QVC this morning because I couldn't log in to my account it wouldn't register my email. Got through to a girl who said that my email wasn't on their file which is a bit odd because I have been with them for well over twelve years if not more! Anywas I tried again after and it still didn't work so rang them again and got another girl who said they were having technical difficulties and it would be sorted soon. Well that will put paid to my ordering for a bit!!!
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with a salad for Vin
Chilli noodle salad to go with
Maybe a poached agg for me.

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