Thursday, 26 March 2015

A Sort Of Nothing Day !

It is really, a sort of day when absolutely nothing happens.! No repair men, no parcels, no callers nobody. We stopped in today and did bits and bobs. 
Nice and sunny outside but cold so Vin hasn't been out in the garden much yet, and I don't blame him either. The hanging baskets are still looking good outside the kitchen windows so don't need replacing yet.
I love the colours of the primroses they look so bright and cheery against the white wall and brighten up a dull day no end.
The news is still full of the airplane crash in the French Alps and they are now saying that there were sounds of the Captain banging on the cockpit door to get in and then the plane descending so it is looking like it was the co-pilots fault for whatever reason. Oh dear..not looking good whatever happens. 
Nice coffees at home today. I had a less sweet macchiato and Vin had a Chai latte. both lovely. Just like in a coffee shop. 
Tonight we are having:
Not altogether sure, maybe pasta,
butternut sqquash
Cheesey sauce.

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