Thursday, 5 March 2015


We didn't go out today..mainly because there wasn't anywhere that appealed to us to go to. We didn't need any shopping so there was no need to go to a supermarket, so we thought we woulod mooch about a bit instead. Nice thing about being retired you can do just what you want to do. To be honest the weather isn't really conducive to going anywhere it is very grey and overcast  and still cool. There were pictures in the paper this morning wondering where Spring is..showing identical pictures of places last year with daffodils everywhere, and this year with none out yet.  We do have some lovely ones in the barrel at the front of the house though, maybe it is a bit sheltered there.These are last year's.

just had a look through my wardrobe a bit ago. Was of the opinin that there are lots of clothes that are now too big. But...they need going through and might take a day or so to get them sorted. You really need to try things on to make sure before you ditch things.I do have sme really nice things that I am loathe to give to the charity shops when they can be used. i was going to start but it really is a bit of a bigger job than I thought.  Another day perhaps.
Had a lovely cappuccino this morning and Vin had one of his own with a coffee disc and some heated milk. our tassimo machine is really proving a terrific buy, Vin was just reading in the paper that they are the biggest brand in the UK selling millions every year.  Not surprised really they do make wonderful coffees.
Wouldn't mind going to Waitrose ne day though, get one of their free ones!
Tonight we are having:
Root vegetable mash,
Something to go with that,
carrots and squash.

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