Monday, 9 March 2015

Spring...What Spring??

This morning dawned grey and wet looking. The weather forecasts said yesterday that it would be windy with possible gales this evening, and it started off like that. Cleared up a bit now though.
We decided to go to Waitrose today mainly for a change, loads of parking..must be the weather putting people off going out. very quiet inside, be nice if it was like that all of the time. Got our veggies, they do have nice veggies there I do have to say. You pay for them though! Then had a bit of a mooch and picked up some things we get from there that you can't get anywhere else.  Funny going to Waitrose, they do have a very upper market, very snooty really!
Then we had a break and went for our free coffees. Their new rule is that you have to buy something to eat as well now, but we always get a pack of biscuits so that is least they had some proper biscuits today not the horrible lemon ones that we got last time!! I do have to say that the coffees were delicious. We both had Lattes which came in a proper latte glass.So we had a breather and enjoyed the people watch. Interesting couple today..a nice smiley look8ing little japanese woman with a much oldergrey haired gentleman. Wonder what the relationship was there? 
Finished getting the rest of our things then went off home.
Jane rang up this mornuing to say that she was locked in the house! she was clearly late for work too. Apparently it turned out that the new girl in the house had gone off to work herself, and deadlocked the front door, so effectively locking Jane in!! jane still hasn't met her yet. When she gets home from Ticketmaster which is quite late the new girl is in bed so she has been there since Saturday but they haven't seen each other yet. Maybe they will catch up tonight.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza for Vin with a morroccan salad and pasta salad
maybe a baked potato for moi.

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