Thursday, 19 March 2015

We Have Sprung...

Out this morning. Started off very misty/foggy but cleared up beautifully later on with a real touch of Spring in the air.
We had planned to go out to Dobbies this morning since we haven't been in March so were due for our frree coffees!.  Had a bit of a mooch round when we got there, vin went off and I had a look for anything suitable for Ann for her birthday.  Did find a nice little heart shape with a message on it which isn't too heavy either so that is put away.
It was quite quiet there today and the cafe part was better than last time when it was really busy. We had a pair of lovely Lattes..very nice too, and our own biscuits.  Bit of people watching..I was watching a grandad with a little boy. He was really lovely with him, and he was beautifully behaved too, for a little tot.  Then a table with young girly mums alongside us. They had coffees and great big meringues with cream in and fruit on the top! Skinny things they were too! 
Went and bought the heart, a pack of shortbread biscuits and a pack of pumpkin bread mis. Paid for those then spotted a pack of the same make brioche mix on the reduced counter so bought that aas well. Vin will make that tomorrow. 
Two phone calls when we got from Hotpoint to say that they will deliver the new washing machine drum on Tuesday next week. Then followed almost immediately by one from the surgery over the way about the repeat prescription which they didn't have a letter for. the Doc would ring me back before three to ask some questions which she did. No problem with that so the prescription will go over to the chemist over the road.
So quite a lot going on today in the end.
Tonight we are having:
Linda McCartney leek and cheese plaits.
Root mash left from the other day,
Any veggies left from the fridge.

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