Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Another Blip and The Washing Machine...

Been off again with a recurrence of the gastric problem. Getting to be a habit these days. Seem to take three steps forward and two back.
I was rreally picking up too after the last one. Ah well..
This morning the  man from Hotpoint came to fix the washing machine. He was supposed to come between eight and eleven so Vin got up early bless him, and the man came at around a quarter to eleven. He put in the new drum, a new door seal and a new heater at the back as well, so it has had a complete refurbishment. Vin has been online and saw that a new drum costs around £180 on its own so that would have been quite a bill. Good job we had the insurance.
Nice and sunny today but cold. Vins Hellibores came this morning too so they are going to have to be protected a bit. Pity we don't have enough room for a little greenhouse.
Tonight we are having:
No idea really..maybe a bit of an Amy's kitchen macaroni cheese
Garlic bread for Vin and some sort of veggies.

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