Thursday, 12 March 2015

Use Your Loaf...

In today, well we did go out yesterday. Vin started off this morning by putting a Sourdough loaf in the bread machine. he did it all by himself too..getting really good at kitcheny things these days.  It was ready by the time we were having our coffees and then he put it in the oven when we finished our drinks. He does the kneading and everything. brilliant. The aroma of bread coming up the stairs is wonderful, it must be one of the most appetising smells ever..apart from freshly brewed coffee that is :)
Look at this...absolutely gorgeous. it will last him all week for toast in the mornings, toast with his lunchtime soups and some for freezing. 
Quite cold today, started off a bit windy but that has gone now. very overcast though, and not really Spring yet, or warm enough to sit out at all. Vin is doing some clearing up in the garden, trying to fill up his green wheelie bin I think!
Tonight we are having:
Mashed potato we have in the fridge,
Something from the freezer to go with that,
Any vegetables that we have left over.

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