Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Ding Dong!!!

You really wouldn't believe this ..but after lunch we came upstairs to look at the tracking of our Tassimo order. You can check where it is up toand Vin had noticed that it had left Warrington this morning. We had the site on the screen and the doorbell went!! Unbelievable!!.Vin went down and it was the order..he told the bloke who delivered it who was laughing. Good delivery we only ordered them on Sunday.
Quiet day otherwise, tried out the refurbished washing machine which is working just great, and some of the washing out on the line since it is nice and sunny today. 
Vin went off to Tesco this morning to get a few veggies for the rest of the week, came back with a good selection and some Linda McCartney frozen plaits that were very cheap end of line apparently 50p each. Excellent..well done Vin 
Had our coffees when he came back, I had an Americano with a milk pod and he had a morning coffee with a milk pod.  We now have more tassimo discs than Tesco I think!!
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie with gravy
Veggies probably carrotsand broccoli for Vin

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