Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Change of Plan...

Well there was a change of plan for today. I had intended to go out with Vin to get some shopping  and have a nice coffee out, probbably Costa at Tesco. However when I did my blood sugar this morning it was quite low..and Vin was muttering about not going out with me with it that loow!!! So, change in what we did. 
He went off to tesco armed with a shopping list, and instructions to get our Jane a Costa card (which he has bought for her) and a gift card for Tesco for £50 in lieu of an Easter present.
He was back by 12 o'clock..which is actually a lot quicker than we would have been if I had gone with him :) So, a lovely quick trrip, and he got everything on the list too.  Got Jane two packs of tassimo vanilla lattes which she will use I'm sure. 
Very odd day weatherwise. Extremely blowy last night Vin said it kept him awake, although it didn't bother me. I take my ears out and that's it. Dead to the world as they say. Still blowy this morning and cold too, with patchy rain and sunshine although the sunshine isn't warming anywhere up much!
The daffodils are looking gorgeous this year in our little front garden. The barrel is absolutely full of them, tiny tete-atete ones he got from The Daiy Mail on an offer. Well worth it  this year. 
Tonight we are having:
Either a cottage pie Quorn or little yorkshire puddings with sausages in them.
Carrots batons,
Potatoes if having the toad in the holes. 

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