Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Tuesday..It's The Nursey....

Yesterday it was the aeriel man.. worked wonders too..everything is working beautifully (touch wood )  Today it is the diabetic review over at the surgery with the Practice nurse. That was 11.30 so the plan was to go over there, get that done and then go and get some shopping..veggies etc.
Got there on time, nobody in the waiting room waited about ten minutes then she called me in. Nice nursey actually named Louise. Did my blood pressure..fine, did the usual tests on my feet which I can't feel as usual, asked me some questions then did my weight and height. weight has dropped a bit more which she mentioned, height the same. haven't shrunk anyway. A bit worried about my weight..that makes a change and said she would mention it to the Dr., Grrr.  All done then and out fairly quickly. 
Off to Tesco for our week's stuff. Car park quite full, Vin dropped me off at the front and I went to the bank machine and he went to park. Quite quick round the store..Costa looked very busy..Grrr... and we got everything on his list, plus a few other bits and bobs.  The checkouts very busy so he went through a self service on..I hate those!! 
Then to Costa. Emptied nicely by then so he parks me in a nice corner seat, and he goes off to put the shopping in the car. I had a skinny Latte and he had a Soy milk Latte, and we shared half a bag of little shortbread biscuits. Lovely sit down, opposite Steven Gerrard the Liverpool footballer, and another man and a girl.Looked like a footballers wife type :)  I said to Vin i wonder what car he has and he said a white Bentley!!!Typical for a footballer I suppose!!  The girl got into a top of the range Range Rover. i wouldn't like to park either of those in Tesco's car park!!.
Home in time for lunch. Then got a phone call from the Practice nursey..she was a bit concerned about the weight. Would I like to make an appointment with the Dr to discuss it. No not really. I have an appointment on Monday at the renal clinic so we will see what they say! Then..would I like to see a Dietician? No not really... Once they get their hands on yu they really get you. Oh well.
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie and gravy,
Broccoli and carrots.

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